Furie: Neon-soaked martial artistry in the land of Vietnam

Timothy Cuff | Video Editor and Sound Designer

Below you will find a audio snippet that briefly goes over my first impressions just after watching the film, Furie, a Vietnamese martial arts film following Hai, a single mother and ex-gangster who searches for her daughter after being kidnapped for (initially) unknown reasons.

As I outlined in my thoughts, Furie was decent but not particularly a standout martial arts film in any way as I felt it could be taken and put into any other country without losing too much of what makes the film work action-wise. It seems to take more of its cues from Hollywood films which often cut on ‘hits’ and attacks, with wild shaky-cam shots to cover up the artifice of some of the moves. Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting briefly talks about how Hollywood does this in a video discussing Jackie Chan’s action comedy techniques:

So, Furie seems pretty familiar, in…

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