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Hitting off the second week of BCM 320, I am assuming everyone including myself are getting more use to weekly blogging. This week I will review the Vietnamese Action movie titled ‘Furie’, by director Le Van Kiet. The movie pictures the relationship between a single- mother (Hai) and her daughter (Mai). In the film, Mai is kidnapped by a heinous Vietnamese child trafficking gang and follows the ‘ex-gangster’ Hai’s journey to rescue her daughter and free many other children who have fallen victim as well.

Furie (2019), Image, IMDb,

BTW… here is my reaction to the movie, and Hai’s fighting scene!!

Is Cash still being used in Vietnam??

This week, I am going to focus on a symbolic item from the movie and explore what that means in Vietnam. Additionally, I will also compare them with my own culture (Japanese) to find any similarities or differences as a…

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