Fast and Furieous (but with an actual plot)


This week watching Furie (2018), although I could not partake in the community class live tweeting due some Netflix access problems, I had a brilliant time watching the film this week. Bold female leads hooked me immediately, and were a very bold contrast to Love for Sale from week one. Adopting an autoethnographic and self-reflexive lens for the viewing of the film, it was really beneficial reading Christiane Kraft Alsop’s text using this methodology and his explanation. He noted: The concept and method called auto-ethnography is an attempt  at  practicing… self-reflexivity by having a closer  look  at  one’s  own  longings  and  belongings”, going on to explain that perspective can be changed as a consequent when “the  auto-ethnographer  places  the  self within a social context by connecting the personal and the cultural”.

I loved that the film both played into what I was expecting from an action, martial arts movie, but also turned it…

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