Hell Has No ‘Furie’ (2019) Like A Mother Scorned


What do I know about Vietnam or what interactions have I had? What can I list?

  • The beautiful hand-craved chest in my Nan’s lounge room depicting a typical Vietnamese town centre
  • Vietnam War
  • My friends who are Vietnamese and hearing them speak to their parents in Vietnamese
  • That one episode of Top Gear where they went to Vietnam and rode around, mostly on scooters
  • The many rivers that flow through the country
  • I can list a few places and recognise the flag

This about the extent of my knowledge of the country. Out of all of memories, my earliest and most vivid is the hand-craved chest at my Nan’s house- the scene shows a bridge connecting two Vietnamese towns, with traditional food markets and wearing conical hats. It paints this glorious, harmonious picture of this sweet culture.

That is how I know Vietnam: the very traditional, rural culture built around…

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