A Fury Road: Live Tweeting and Reflection on Furie (2019)


This week, we watched and live tweeted about the the Vietnamese action, thriller film Furie (2019). The film follows the story of Hai Phuong, a former gangster who is lying low in the countryside after becoming a mother, but she is unable to run from her traumatic past when her daughter is kidnapped.

In the film, we learn that Hai is a single mother of a daughter named Mai. I believe that there shouldn’t be any criticism directed towards single parents and this is why I tweeted about this issue during the live session. Single parents should be viewed as courageous and resilient. I personally value hard work and determination, even during the most dire times. Women shouldn’t be frown upon at for not having a husband. In many cultures, single mothers are often criticised by individuals are unaware of why the mothers are single.  They have been misunderstood and…

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