Furie Response: Colour Analysis

Very tired third year

Trying to live tweet during a foreign film proved to be somewhat hard last week during Love For Sale, however it was nothing compared to this foreign film that is so action packed, and intense it was difficult to physically hit pause to tweet. Furie was a Vietnamese action-thriller film about a mother taking on a large and organised gang in order to stop her daughter from being trafficked out of the country. My original biased, and uneducated assumption of Furie was that, since it was not a Hollywood film, it would not share the same quality as other action-thriller films however, the cinematography, camera angles, colour symbolism and plot in Furie created a film that sits high among other Western films of the same genre such as Taken, The Equaliser, and John Wick.

After the film had concluded and I had stopped sweating profusely out of stress and…

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