Furie: A tigress & her cub.

Carah Charmaine

Image Source: Cinapse.

I have reached the final stages of my degree, it’s my first week back. My last ‘first week of semester’ and here we are, I have been thrusted into the freezing cold waters, that is live tweeting. As part of the subject: Digital Asia, I will be partaking in my own Autoethnographic study that will allow me to immerse myself in a variety of different Asian cultures through the exploration of film. The film that we watched and live tweeted about this week was Furie (2019). I thought the fact that the film was not in English would make it harder to watch and tweet about at the same time, it did, but on reflection I think that element plays an important part. Before I jump to discussing the film, what is Autoethnography you ask? Well according to Caroline Ellis, “Autoethnography is an approach to…

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