Far from in-FURIE-ating.

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Last week, I found that trying to tweet about ‘Love for Sale’ was difficult to do whilst concentrating on the film, although this week was entirely different, I felt as though I had no problems. The action-thriller film ‘Furie’ was nothing short of fantastic. Throughout the film, I kept thinking about when I went to Vietnam and wondered if I had been to where it was filmed. During the market scenes I imagined being there, the ambience of the market seemed to almost make it’s way to my bedroom.

Once I calmed down from the emotional roller coaster that was ‘Furie’, I wanted to understand why I approached the film the way I did. In Auto-ethnography: An Overview. Ellis et al. (2011) defines auto-ethnography  as “an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in order to understand cultural experience” and I…

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