The Cultural affiliations ‘Love for Sale’ showed me.. between Indonesia and Japan

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Hitting off the first week of BCM320, we began by reviewing the film titled “Love for Sale” by director Andibachtiar Yusuf. The Indonesian film depicts the modern struggle between money and love, through the two main characters; Richard and Arini, and the complex emotions and circumstance that comes with it.

The Character ‘Richard’, played by Gading Marten takes on the role of a nasty boss who has never experienced a relationship and challenged by his friends to bring a girlfriend to a wedding, Richard opts to the use of a dating app to help him find his ‘Mrs. right’.

This leads Richard to his destined meeting with Arini, played Della Dartyan, who as depicted by the film is a much younger and more attractive individual. This begins the complexities that come with their arrangement as Arini begins her relationship with Richard based on the need for money, whilst Richard is…

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