Love At First Sight Indonesia? (Marriage First, Dating Second)


I was born in Australia. Mum was in England and Dad, Germany (although he is actually Scottish- long story). Growing up, I binged British shows, I can discuss English royal families and have travelled around most of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This is my cultural background.

117257636_642826969543580_1679291047720919105_n (Me in London, England. Feb 2020)

Looking to other cultures, I am definitely not as well informed. I have very limited knowledge surrounding Asian culture, I have Vietnamese friends and have been to Asian restaurants but still would not consider myself someone who has been exposed to that culture.

So, when watching Indonesian film ‘Love For Sale’ (2018), I was fascinated to see how much I would be able to relate to and elements that highlights the differences between the two cultures. ‘Love For Sale’ sees main character Richard struggle to find a date for a friend’s wedding and turn to a website…

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