Live Tweeting Reflection on ‘Love for Sale’


This week, I watched the Indonesian film Love for Sale (2018), which is directed by Andibachtiar Yusuf. It follows the story of Richard, a mature single man who is dared by his friends to bring a girlfriend to his wedding. Whilst watching the film, I live tweeted my observations on it. Predominately, I focused my attention on how gender roles were portrayed as well as what snapshot of the Indonesian culture I saw and took notice of film techniques.

When I posted the tweet above, I took Verity Morley’s tweet on stereotypical women’s roles into consideration and noticed that issue in the film too. This tweet was my way of agreeing with her. Arini, the woman Richard dates in the, was transforming him into a better version of himself by cooking and cleaning for him. Personally, I value gender equality and see gender stereotypes as cliched. It was quite exasperating to…

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