Love, Sex, Religion?

While watching Andibachtiar Yusuf’s film ‘Love For Sale’, I couldn’t help but notice many cultural differences between myself and the cast. There were certain parts of the film that portrayed relationships very differently to what I would usually expect.

Some key scenes that demanded my curiosity occurred when Richard started reflecting on his past relationship with his ex girlfriend – reminiscing on their time together and their love for eachother. He looked heartbroken when he spoke of it – almost hard for him to get his words out. What could have gone so wrong? I thought, did she cheat? Did she move away? Did he have a change of heart? But no – it was purely based on their religious differences and his mother’s disapproval.

Prayitno, N 2018, 5 Hal yang Membuat Film Love For Sale Layak Kamu Tunggu, image,, viewed 6 August 2020, <>.


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