Fashion in Korea: Digital Artefact and Contextual Essay

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Digital Artefact

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Contextual Essay

Autoethnographic Methodology and Field Sites

Due to time, money, and commitment restraints, I was not able to visit a physical environment in which Korean fashion is truly represented (e.g. Korea). While throughout Sydney there are stores that sell Korean inspired fashion, I believed that an online environment would be able to give me a greater insight on the experiences shared by those interested and experienced in the field of Korean fashion. To rectify this, I decided to use various Korean fashion (or Korean fashion inspired) websites, as well as watching a series of vlogs, documentation, and runway footage from Seoul Fashion Week from 2017 up until 2019. By using an online field site instead of a physical one, I am not restricted in my time dedicated to analyzing patterns in cultural artifacts and the way cultural participants engage with the fashion scene, which Ellis (2011)…

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