Instant Noodle Mukbang



Mukbang, a phenomenon that has recently taken over not only Asian platforms but platforms all around the world. With slight hesitation to the idea of the concept, we both decided to immerse ourselves into the mukbang culture to see what all the ‘hype’ was about for our group Digital Artifact this semester. We intended to indulge in this concept first by watching other creators videos to gain insight as to what these videos actually are before attempting ourselves. 

mukbang-diva-jezte-online-a-s-trochou-stesti-vydelate-miliony-3-615x360.jpgMukbangs are a YouTube trend that was started in 2010 and originated in South Korea. During a Mukbang the creator consumes a large portion of food while narrating and interacting with their audience. These Mukbang creators are gaining substantial benefits from uploading this content and making money. Mukbang creators make their money through either ad revenue if uploaded on Youtube or through live streaming being sent donations and gifts of money…

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