Researcher is Researched


By analysing my previous blog post discussing my own autoethnographic study undertaken during the opening weeks of this semester, and comparing my  own evaluations and comments to the various key points in the Ellis et al. (2011) reading, It definitely makes it easier to understand the obstacles and the struggles of undertaking my own autethnographic research were also experienced similarly  by other researchers both from the past and in the present.

The Ellis et al. (2011) reading is quoted as saying that “when we conduct and write research, we implicate others in our work””, this is a perfect example of using the live-tweeting in our autoethnographic research and studies. The live-tweeting was a collaborative process in which we all curated our own content and research and shared it among one another.

Through the reading I also noticed that people wish to hold autoethnography to a criteria that is normally used…

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