Conclusions about Auto-ethnography as an Auto-ethnographer

Gray's View

As an “auto-ethnographer” during my participation in BCM320, I must admit I found the greatest challenge to be the limited way in which we emerged ourselves in the “Asian” culture. From my understanding of Ellis’s reading, the success of an auto-ethnography is in part reliant on the in-depth emersion of a person into a new culture. “ethnographers do this by becoming participant observers in the culture—that is, by taking field notes of cultural happenings as well as their part in and others’ engagement with these happening.” (Ellis, 2011) The movies and shows watched in lectures were doorways that both restricted and channeled my experience with these cultures. The limitations during the experience were magnified by my mood and energy each class. When my energy was low, or if I was in a lousy mood, my attention to the movie or show during the lecture decreased. When comparing this to…

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