BCM320 – Analysing myself

Phillip's BCMS Blog

My week 5 blog post, which focused on my relationship with specific topic’d Facebook groups such as ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ and ‘Subtle Filipino Traits’, where memes and discussions are produced about Asian culture and traits we all share. I described my experience of this; discovering an incredibly large community, recognising mannerisms and culture connecting to my Filipino heritage. This made me describe it all. The need to explain what I recognise, what I relate to and what I find somewhat problematic is my “thick description” (Ellis,C., et al). I sought out to produce my experiences and describe it to people outside of the culture so they can understand thus it is accessible. But I also addressed issues relating to it, the ethic behind memetic content of these traits and how almost a ‘mob mentality’ can be formed to further bridge the gap between the ‘3rd world’ and ‘1st world’…

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