autoethnography on ‘soju+shoujo’


PSA: ‘soju+shouju was an blog post on live action adaptions of anime. Here’s a short video of such a concept.

unknown.png‘Soju+soujo’ was possibly written through a narrative yet reflexive auto-ethnographic lens, and I discovered that my growth as a disciple of auto-ethnography is still due for further expansion in terms of my understanding of the definition of ‘auto-ethnography’. 

Charmaz (1983) stated that layered accounts display “data collection and analysis proceed simultaneously”. They bring in the notion of approaching a topic as a “source of questions and comparisons”. [Charmaz, cited by Ellis et all. 2011] So, I argue that the ‘soju+shouju’ piece of ametuer literature may additionally be classified as a start to a layered account auto-ethnography as it presents a simultaneous report of data processing and research, whilst teaming up with the concept of analysing both the research on the data and how I, as a…

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