Autoethnographic Experience: South Korean Live Streaming Service – ‘V Live’ (Part 1)

Lydia's ☽ Lens

Social-media-e1503574644788-1260x840Like the majority of young people, I am an active user of social networking sites. I use a variety of different applications, both for my personal life and for my degree at University. Some of the social media applications that I use are inclusive of, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. I have also used many others which have sparked popularity throughout the years such as, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the most recent online craze, TikTok.

Growing up in Australia, these ‘social media giants’ are the extent to what I have been exposed to, but over the past year I have began noticing popular applications used overseas. Due to my own, newfound interest in the music genre; K-Pop (Korean Pop music), one of the applications I have become aware of is the South Korean owned, live streaming site, V LIVE

V LIVE is an online live streaming service for South Korean…

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