auto ethnography into Veganism in Asia

Looking at my progress to become a better auto ethnographer, I will be interested to examine my previous work ‘Veganism in Asia’, that investigated how in particular, South Korea adopts the term ‘veganism’ quite loosely, and my experience with that vague definition they give to it. This blog post that I will be examining, didn’t follow Ellis’s writing as the previous post before it did, as I only drew from my own experience of the topic and couldn’t feel a way to tie his wisdom amongst it. So, looking back at that post may have been weaker because I was unable to tie his reasoning into it. But I will be rectifying that in this post, where I will be attempting to look over my writing with his auto ethnographic words and reasoning.

Reading through Ellis’s finding after writing ‘Veganism in Asia’, I notice that my auto ethnography skills are…

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