An Autoethnographic Collaboration


Conducting autoethnographic research involves an individual to evaluate their own personal experiences gained by authors to develop a greater cultural connection (Anderson, 2006).

In my previous blog posts ‘A New Cultural Beginning’ and ‘Me X Japanese Pop Culture – A Collaboration’, states my limited understanding of the culture surrounding digital Asia. This seemed to be at my detriment, due to the disinterest and lack of engagement within the subject. That was until I found the focus of my individual digital artefact; the influence of Japanese pop culture on global fashion, a small subsection of digital Asia which interested me greatly.

According to Ellis et al (2011), “when we conduct and write research, we implicate others in our work”, this is a direct parallel drawn, as the topic of research I have chosen, directly came from reading and commenting on a fellow students work during the commenting component of…

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