Bollywood: More Than Just Musicals


The practice of reflexivity throughout the research process highlights the importance of declaring and taking responsibility for our positioning as researchers.

Pitard J (2017 p. 9)

‘Reflexive’ thinking is a phrase which is often found alongside ‘autoethnography’. As Pitard 2017 (p.9-10) explains, there are two types: personal and epistemological, which are explained below.

In this blog post, I will be analysing my narrated experience (click to read) through the scopes of both personal and epistemological reflexivity.


Firstly, my original narrative experience lacks an integral step in my autoethnographic journey: a robust explanation of my cultural frame. So, I must acknowledge the cultural frame which shapes my values, experiences and assumptions, by answering questions posed by Pitard (2017 p. 10).

“What do I believe underpins my knowledge of life?”

I primarily interact with the world through my screens. My phone screens, laptop screens, self service screens – you name it…

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  1. Hey Jasmyn! Your blogpost was excellent, I really enjoyed reading your autoethnography of Bollywood films. I think you did a really good job of explaining the concept of reflexivity and personal vs epistemological research (Ellis et al. (2011). I also thought your video at the end of your blog, where you get the opinion of your friend (cultural insider) and then capture your own thoughts as a cultural outsider was an excellent approach. It shows that you are aware of your own personal as well as epistemological limitations into studying another culture. Your autoethnographic process was also detailed through the use of Pitard’s (2017) 4 questions. Overall, your autoethnography was very well thought out and thorough. Great job!

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