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Asian culture happens to be the culture that I have been least exposed to in my life. However, there has been one particular experience I have had with the Asian culture that I want to talk about. I have never been to an Asian country, in fact, my first trip to an Asian culture will come in January 2020 with a girl’s trip to Japan. Being the westernised kids that we are, we were concerned with the food aspect of the trip, as we have never really eaten authentic Japanese food before, so we decided to visit a traditional Japanese restaurant to prepare for our trip.


The atmosphere in the restaurant was calming and the waiters were all really polite and helpful. They made us feel very welcome. The restaurant made it seem like you were stepping into Japan with the colours and atmosphere being such a prominent part of…

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  1. Really interesting post, I loved the experience being about a personal visit rather than the class material! The idea to experience Japanese food before your trip to Japan could be really interesting when you are in Japan too, you’ll be able to see just how authentic the meal you ate here was after all haha.
    I loved your description of ‘stepping into Japan’ when you entered the restaurant too, despite never having been to Japan. This is a perfect example of how your own experiences with the Asian culture have been shaped by your past, and now you have certain expectations that you will get to have fulfilled or changed when you really do visit Japan.


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