Over the past few weeks I have immersed myself in the world of TikTok– a social platform where users share short 15-60 second creative clips. It wasn’t long after I started using the app I noticed the lack of asian appearances, with the vast majority of videos starring Australian or American creators. 

A quick Google search led me to discover that TikTok originated in China, but under a different name. Douyin is the Chinese alternative to TikTok and are both owned by China’s young tech giant Bytedance. Despite having very similar interfaces and despite Bytedance’s efforts to brand the two apps as the same, they are completely different entities. Depending on the app store you use, you will either be able to download Douyin or TikTok. Users of Chinese app stores can only find Douyin, whereas users of the overseas Apple store or Google Play will only find TikTok…

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