Analysis of my autoethnograph approach

Allanah Johnson

Since my blog post ‘Marketing & Advertising in Japan Project‘, I have started to develop this project.

I plan on researching marketing and advertising in Japan. I will specifically look at the marketing and advertising in Japan and the adaption of Japanese products in the Australian market. Similarly, I will reflect the adoption of Australian products in the Japanese market.

I will relate this research back to my own personal cultural framework. This will be by looking at how an Australian product is advertised in Japan. I will make comparisions to how their values are adapted.

Image result for advertising in japan

I have been following Ellis et al (2011) to structure my research. Ellis touches on the points regarding autoethnography: the process, the product, and the forms and approaches to autoethnography.

The process:

Ellis et al (2011) describes the process of autoethnography as, they study a culture’s relational practices, common values and…

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