A Story of Autoethnography and Asian Food.

Elizabeth Farley

I grew up in the stereotypical country town. I grew up on a farm, eating basic meat and vegetables, not being adventurous at all with food. Up until I was around sixteen, my only experience with food from other cultures was during primary school where we had to study different countries.

In year four, we all learned how to use chopsticks, a skill I had to re-learn in my late teen years. In year nine, I changed schools. Moving from the small country town to a city. This gave me a lot of cultural experiences that I would not have had otherwise.

I remember when I got my license, it allowed me to stay back later and have dinner or go out with my new friends. This was my first experience at a Thai restaurant. It was so interesting to see the different types of meals that I had never…

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  1. Hey Lizzie,
    Great blog, I really enjoyed reading about your experience, I relate to not having much Asian influence in my younger years as well!

    I think its interesting in this case to use the lack of influence as an aspect to draw on throughout your research. As Ellis et al. (2011) stated ‘use of personal experience to illustrate facets of cultural experience, and, in so doing, make characteristics of a culture familiar for insiders and outsiders’. Being an outsider can definitely be a point you can draw on and would be an interesting aspect to your study.

    It would also be a great tool to use to strengthen your autoethnographic experience to draw on the epiphanies you discover when you do experience these Asian foods for the first time.

    Looking forward to seeing how your DA goes! Good Luck!


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