Giving meaning to the narrative


The narrative of my last blog post alluded to my personal experience with motorbikes within Vietnam. My reaction to this phenomenon and account of this, must take into account my personal, cultural framework and experiences.

Autoethnographically, I must use this data to draw meaning and understanding from the experience, and acknowledge what factors were/are at play that may affect my perception of the situation.

Evidently, my past exposure to motorbikes in Vietnam has partially removed the initial shock factor about their roads and motorbike situation, and possibly means I am less taken aback by it. As I have recounted, I have been previously exposed to this element of Vietnamese lifestyle, when I was much younger. As Méndez (2014) informs us, it is important to recognise the researcher as intimately related to the phenomenon. The recognition of past exposure demonstrates that I acknowledge that my relation to this phenomenon is dynamic…

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