Analysis of My Autoethnographic Approach

Nicole Gentle

For BCM320 in week five, I wrote and uploaded a brief blog post which discussed my own autoethnographic experience with Japanese anime Violet Evergarden. Today, I will be analysing this experience, and investigating the effectiveness of understanding outside cultures using the context of my own cultural framework, through an attempt at what Ellis et al describes as a “layered account” (2011).

Throughout this blog post, I mainly focused on the aspects of the show which triggered a sense of familiarity. This included things such as the setting and the character design. However, I have to be honest, I probably focused on these aspects a little too strongly and missed some of the more nuanced meanings behind the anime, but I digress.  I wrote:

…it appears to be somewhat Eurocentric. Perhaps set somewhere in the late 19th-20th century based on setting, clothing, and mannerisms, and very likely set in Western…

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