Naturally Gravitating towards South Korean Hip-Hop and R&B

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Drawing upon my previous blog I touch base on the underground Korean music scene and my pertinent attitude for personal consumption. As part of my autoethnographic process it is important to consider the cultural framework in which I’ve been exposed, to inform my investigation into my chosen topic. Stemming from this week’s seminar, I’ve borrowed the following questions to stimulate my autoethnographic thinking:

“How does this experience connect to your own personal past?”


“How does your own culture and understanding impact on your experience on the encounter?”

(Source: Moore 2019)

In short, I can recall listening to non-asian hip-hop and R&B music from my immediate surroundings usually at home and at family gatherings, thus informing my preference to the genre as part of my cultural upbringing. Ellis et al. (2011) constructs the notion of illustrating facets of cultural experience through personal experience and it is through the pre-conceived…

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