Take a Pitcher…it will last longer

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My investigation working towards my digital artefact will endeavor to analyse my time travelling Asia, with a specification on local beers throughout each country I travelled. Growing up in Australia, drinking seems etched in Australian culture and is evident more than ever. We are known and stereotyped for our ability as a nation to chug back a bevy if the time permits.

Look at our former prime minister Bob Hawke for inspo on this:

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 4.05.34 pm.png(Source)

Having a drink can be a social connection, like after work or at a party. Now, this isn’t me here writing a blog about endorsing alcoholic consumption, but it is giving you a picture of the type of cultural normalities I have been a part of simply by being Australian.

As drinking is arguably a big part of Australian culture, when travelling to Asia alone as a backpacker I found myself in these same…

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