Urban Farming in Asia: Two Ends of a Spectrum

Sunny Commandeur

Urban farming is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in or around urban areas. It has become increasingly relevant in the face of overpopulation and widespread nutritional deficiencies across urban populations, especially across Asia. There are two main interpretations of the concept, with the main difference being socioeconomic status: Urban farming by choice, and urban farming by necessity.

Urban farming by choice seems similar across wealthier countries. The more advanced countries get, the less food they produce. There is a high tech expansion of decentralised vertical farms on the sides and roofs of city skyscrapers, and futuristic visions for rotating farm towers in rich dense cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

raffles-city-rooftop-gardenA rooftop farm in Singapore

This video details the current situation in Singapore,  where only 1% of its land is available for agriculture, and 90% of its food comes from external sources. As someone that enjoys cooking, I’ve become increasingly…

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