A Bollywood Affair: Digital Asia Autoethnography



“Practicing ethnography means shifting one’s notion of center and periphery and coping with the complexity of multiple centers with multiple peripheries.”

Alsop , 2002 p. 1

Aslop attains that “self-reflexivity can take various forms and shapes such as asking ourselves about our frame of mind, about our power position in the network of cultures, about the ways in which we produce knowledge, and about our notion of center and periphery” (2002, p. 7). So, to better understand a culture, I must learn the experiences of its insiders and experience it myself, as an outsider (Ellis, 2011).

When I was considering a topic to focus on, I wanted to do something I am passionate about and feel that I have sufficient cultural knowledge of in my own context. This way, I can accurately compare my cultural experiences and generate epiphanies about the many unknowns I will encounter.


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  1. First off, I just want to say this is a very aesthetically pleasing post to look at. Genuinely, it has me feeling a little embarrassed about my own rather lack lustre approach to blogging; keep it up! I love the use of multimedia (text, video and image) too. In your writing, one of the components that particularly struck a chord with me was the notion that “foreign film industries come to influence the ‘Western’ media that you consume”. I think this plays interestingly with Ellis et al’s understanding that concepts like “objectivity” are inherently biased towards a certain demographic. I think you need to be careful with your DA to not devolve the conversation of “Bollywood vs Hollywood”, in the same way we shouldn’t be striving for East vs West, but I think you should rather focus on your statement of foreign film industries shaping the media you consume, and how they shape it for you.

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