BCM320 Week 5 – New Japan Pro Wrestling

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For my blog post this week, we have been asked to talk about an experience encountering an Asian media, product, text, topic, or service with an autoethnological approach. Therefore, I will be focusing this bost around my first experience in watching a New Japan Pro Wrestling Match.

I am a wrestling fan and have been for many years now. I grew up watching WWE and cried when my favourite wrestler, Jeff Hardy, was made to retire from WWE in late August 2009. I dropped off watching WWE due to this and also due to moving houses and also away from friends who watched wrestling. I had a substantial break between 2011 and 2014. In 2014 I came back to WWE harder than ever and became a hardcore fan of the product. In 2017, my whole life as a wrestling fan hanged when I saw an insane gif on Facebook.tenor


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  1. This topic is definitely something I didn’t even consider for “Digital Asia” and it makes for quite an interesting read. As Ellis (2011) says, an autoethnographic experience is written like an autobiography, and reads as a narrative. I think you have definitely done this through giving background on your exposure and following of wrestling from a young age. In saying this, I think you could have written about your past experience in a more captivating way than just recounting it!

    To me, the discovery of this gif which led to you viewing the Japanese Wrestling match, would be what Ellis describes as an ‘epiphany’. This was a turning point for you, like the flick of a light switch, which immersed you into this alternate culture. The excess emotion (which led to tears) also shows your reaction to how different this experience was for you compared to your own, previous experiences. It also led to your understanding of how western wrestling and Japanese wrestling differ in regard to entertainment vs technique/skill.

    Overall, this was a unique topic and you have reflected on your experience well, although I would definitely try incorporate more of the source and write in a more academic manner next time.

    Looking forward to your final autoethnography,


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