Anti-Villains in Anime: The case of Garou and Stain

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Heroism is a common topic in anime and while it can be adapted into different forms, with different names, narratives, and ideologies. However, One Punch Man (OPM) and My Hero Academia (MHA) have decided to maintain its most original form, creating two worlds where there are people with superpowers and proper national systems, associations are established to support their heroic careers.

And of course, what are heroes without a purpose to fight, to save people? and so the villains are born.

But this is also where things started to get complicated, at least for me, when I can actually sympathize with the villains, when, actually, the presence of villains is to point out the flaws in the whole idea of being heroes, of being on the ‘good side’. And when we, as the audience, have to question their evilness, what do we call them?

“An Anti-Villain is the opposite of…

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