Violet Evergarden, My Own Autoethnographic Approach

Nicole Gentle


Scrolling through Netflix, I came across Violet Evergarden. From its thumbnail it appeared to be a cutesy slice-of-life anime full of romance and gut-wrenching story. And, to some extent, it was. Violet Evergarden opens up with a beautiful, loving scene between the protagonist Violet and a man whom seems questionably both a father figure and a lover. Now, I can’t relate to this scene whatsoever, but it seemed pretty in line with what I expected from this anime. And I was pleasantly surprised to be quickly proved wrong.

The opening scene, as pictured in the gif above, introduces us to Violet in a very whimsical way. The focus on her eyes and the swirling of the pendant brought my attention to just how different her character design is to what I had come to expect from anime. She is decidedly European in appearance. And she isn’t the only one…

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