North Korean Real and Raw

I will be utalising Youtube for Documentaries revolving around guests and ‘westerners’ visiting North Korea and there experience or non experience with the Locals and the Culture. From previous viewings I believe the edited and ‘see what we want you to see’ aspect of many documentaries means this will be used as secondary support to raw and real footage within North Korea that is yet to be sourced (field experience). Many of the existing documentaries offer very personal opinions as this is what for of documentation is presented on Youtube, it is interesting to see others interpretation of the cultural experience. I am looking forward to investigating this further and viewing raw footage to provide better engagement for myself as an auto-ethnographer.

Viewed North Korean documented experiences of others bellow.


I will also be looking at podcasts to give a different perspective on North Korea and how the world views them. Specifically Citations Needed Podcast Episode 02: The North Korea Memory Hole (see bellow) 


From what i can see so far by looking at newspaper articles and online features about North Korea everything seems to have negative or ‘dangerous’ connotations towards the country, I am not saying this is wrong however it does seem very one sided and USA driven. For example the top 3 articles about North Korea as featured on the New York Times online website are all about Missiles, testing weapons and losing hope. This is all in the space of less than a month.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.14.02 pm.png

The Guardian also shows explosions and talk of rocket launchers.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 9.17.41 pm.png

A field experience will be done following with some more research into each of these sources and a range of new media sources to be used as secondary support.

For the final DA I am leaning towards creating a podcast accompanied by the contextual essay, this will allow more of a discussion format to be witheld throughout the project and I believe it will give the opportunity for my personal experience to be represented as best possible.


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