BCM320 – Subtle Asian Traits

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Since the explosion of the famous Facebook group ‘Subtle Private school traits’, which was clearly created and focused on Australians, there have been plenty of other ‘Subtle Traits’ Facebook groups popping up, reminiscent of the abundance of relatable memes being shared. Three of which, I am now very fond of: ‘Subtle Asian Trains’, ‘Subtle Filipino Traits‘ and ‘Subtle Halfie Traits’. Ranking up 1,492,647 | 20,478 | 18,324  members respectively.

Screenshot_14.pngThese Facebook groups are self-explanatory, but to elaborate: they’re dedicated to a specific audience where they will relate to each other. Through an abundant of memes, shared content of all sorts of Asian related culture from food, family culture, products, general knowledge and mannerisms. It seems like a simple concept, but for many, it’s fascinating that we all can recognise so many aspects of our lives from growing up and the traits we inherited from our asian parents. Rediscovering…

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