Discovering the Underground Korean Music Scene

pay attention and scroll...

Prior to our introductory exposure into the Asian media landscape, I dabbled in my fair share of Asian music – more specifically that being Korean music. I didn’t just engage with K-Pop, over the course of time I eventually discovered rising solo acts in the Korean R&B and Hip-Hop scene, which I took more of a liking to. I’ve only just rediscovered my appreciation for the Korean R&B and Hip-Hop genre since encountering additional asian media through this subject, and since then have a grown appreciation for underground artists who are earning their international exposure (Just Musically Speaking 2018).


In the offerings that Eastern media had to share through film and television, we had yet to extend and diversify our music palettes. The underground nature and culture of Korean R&B attracted me to the idea of an untapped bank of music knowledge which I had to be a part of…

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