Live-Tweeting ‘The Host’ (2006)


This semester, I have committed to another session of live-tweeting and first up in week one of BCM320 Digital Asia, is the 2006 South Korean film ‘The Host’.

Having already experienced live-tweeting in previous semesters at UOW, the only thing new to me was the content we were live-tweeting about. Understandably, Asian movies are not big among people of the western community, so it has been quite different for myself, and also others to watch. Having to focus on any movie while live-tweeting and addressing its content can be challenging, so trying to achieve this for movies that are predominantly in an Asian language and involve the use of subtitles has definitely added to the challenge, however has also added to the enjoyment of the overall class activity.

Having a very limited knowledge of Asian culture made it very interesting to address and analyse this movie. Having to rely on…

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