Live Tweeting ‘Akira’ (1988)


For this weeks blog post, I will be addressing the assigned reading Ellis et all (2011) on auto ethnography, as well as addressing the class viewing  and Japanese animated cyberpunk film ‘Akira’.

AUTO – personal experience

ETHNO – understanding cultural experiences

GRAPHY – describe and systematically analyse

Above is how simply they’ve described the meaning of the term ‘auto ethnography’ in the reading’. However from my own understanding is that it is the study of ones self reflection and personal experience for qualitative research purposes.

Having never watched a great amount of anime previously before viewing this film, nor having a great understanding for the type of movie that ‘Akira’ was, it was most certainly an interesting task to live-tweet this week. The themes present throughout the film resonated with me. Although the main character Tetsuo was not related to his peers, his friends stuck by him even though his…

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