Akira (1988): A Reflection


Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand cultural experience. 

Ellis et al. (2011)

This week, I watched an anime film for the first time. With my only previous experience of Anime being watching Yugioh at a young age, I didn’t approach this screening with much understanding of the Japanese culture or anime genre.

So, live-tweeting greatly enriched my viewing experience. In real-time I was able to learn fun-facts about the movie’s production, its cultural context, and how it has influenced both the Anime genre and Western popular culture. I was able to have discussions about the themes and make memes about what was happening [below].


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  1. Your autoethnographic experience with Akira seems much deeper than mine, I personally struggled with the live tweeting experience! I liked your understanding of the Ellis et al reading and your way of linking it to the viewing experience, especially how you noted reflexive observation as an integral part of the ethnographic experience.

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    1. Oh really! What element of live tweeting did you find hard? Tbh I did find it hard to get into initially but I found it easier once I started engaging with others in the threads. Thank you!


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