Autoethnography and Akira

Communications and The Media

Akira is a 1988 drama/thriller where a ‘secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath who can only be stopped by two teenagers and a group of psychics’ (IMDB).


I wasn’t looking forward to this film as it isn’t something I would normally watch, however I actually found it kind of interesting. As part of my research for live tweeting, I came to learn that there is continuous talk of turning this film into a live action, showing just how timeless and popular this film is.

The standout part of the film for me was the brother-like dynamic between Kaneda and Tetsuo. I found it interesting that this dynamic, in my opinion, eventually leads to the need for power for Tetsuo. Where Kaneda is always looking after him, he finally feels the need to break away and take more control for…

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  1. I think you described the concept of Autoethnography very well, I liked how you noted that it is a multidisciplinary form of research which combines 3 main elements of writing (graphy, auto and ethno). Reflexivity is also a key element of autoethnography and is really what sets it apart from other types of research where personal bias or context is often hidden or ignored. In the future I think you could further demonstrate your understanding of autoethnography by incorporating it into your reflections on the film watching experience. What was it about your personal context that made you not look forward to watching? Furthermore how did your personal context also influence they way you connected with certain themes within the movie?
    Overall great post !


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