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Learning through Experiencing

According to Ellis, Autoethnography is “An approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno)” (Ellis, 2004). Now I am sure you have read that definition probably about 100 times over, due to the fact that that’s what the first sentence was in the reading. But hey, hundredth time is a charm, right?

If that definition wasn’t mundane enough for you, here is a Youtube video that talks about the meaning of ethnography in a more in-depth fashion.

Along with Digital Asia, I too have not had a whole lot of experience with autoethnography, so this subject is really out of my comfort zone. But through live-tweeting the movies, I have found that is has led me to have a greater understanding of not only autoethnography but also the concept of Digital Asia. As through live-tweeting…

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  1. Hey! It’s nice to find someone who also doesn’t have a whole lot of experience with Autoethnography and feels out of their comfort zone! Which is comforting.

    I really like how you broke down Autoethnography and definitions of each segments of Graphy, Auto and Ethno. It gives me a better understanding on the topic going forward.

    You have also mentioned that when live tweeting you were not taking an autoethnographic approach but soon later recognized that you were practicing Autoethnography all along. I believe in this blog post you have documented Reflexive ethnography. Reflexive ethnographies refer to documenting how a researcher changed as a result of doing their field work (Ellis et al.,2011). In this case, tweeting and your improvement of understanding of autoethnography.

    Going forward, I believe that linking your cultural background, studies and research with the films will give the reader a better in-depth read and will further improve your research and understanding of autoethnography through feedback.

    Thanks for the nice post, especially breaking down Autoethnography!

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