Autoethnography via Akira

Allanah Johnson

Today I am going to start off by talking to you about autoethnographic. But first, watch this YouTube video on ‘what is autoethnographic?’.

Okay now you’re up to speed with the concept autoethnographic.

Thanks to, ‘Autoethnography: An Overview’, I now understand the concept. This reading explains that autoethnography is a research and writing method that aims to define and evaluate personal experiences systematically to comprehend cultural experience. This strategy questions scriptural methods of doing research and portraying others and regards research as an act of political, socially-justice and social awareness. A research utilizes autobiographical and ethnographic principles to do and write autoethnography.

So, in simple form, “Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze (graphy) personal experience (auto) in order to understand cultural experience (ethno)”.

In my UOW subject digital Asia we are being exposed to…

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  1. Hey Allanah, I enjoyed reading your post this week! You have clearly established a pretty good understanding of auto-ethnography and the way in which it is used and analysed. It was interesting to see your own analysis of the film especially when you state you did not prefer this genre and it was unfamiliar, however, I would have enjoyed seeing a more througher reflection on your experience with the film and the new cultural experience. This would have been a great experience for you to understand the impacts of autoethnography and also a good chance to widen your cultural understanding throughout the film! Great blog!


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