Growing up I considered myself a pop culture fiend; keeping up to date with the latest blockbuster films, listening to only the most mainstream music and being ‘in-the-know’ about all the latest trends and fashion.

Since learning about the process of autoethnography and expanding my experience with Asian culture, I now realise my years of being a ‘self-proclaimed pop culture expert’ lacked basic education about the background and inspiration for many popular culture works I still love today.

Akira (1988) sets place in World War III Neo-Tokyo and follows the journey of a teenage biker gang as they accidentally get caught up in a military project that plans to utilise telekinetic humans as weapons. (Cue Stranger Things intro)

Little did I know the extensive impact Akira had on introducing Japanese animation, food, art, and culture into Western civilisation.

While viewing Akira I began to draw similarities between the Japanese film…

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  1. I really liked how you highlighted the impact of ‘Akira’ on modern Western media and was differnt to the other obvious comparions like Stranger things. I was particually suprised on how it inspired Kanye West. I would have liked for you to integrate autoethnography and your film analysis more as it felt out of place upon reading it. On that note, I like how you connected the Ellis reading to your personal growth.


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