Live tweeting-Akira; What is Autoethnographic and the difference between autoethnographic and ethnography.

王曉萱 Felicia Wang

Part A: Live tweeting- Akira

“Akira” is the work of Japanese animator Katsuhiro Otomo and was released in Japan in 1988. After the release, this animation caused a strong response within the scope of the world. In 2002, it was selected as one of the 20 best science fiction films in the history of the movie by the authoritative film publication <Wired>. “Akira” is also the only film in Asia that is on the list and the single animation.

The story of “Akira” took place in Tokyo in 2019. The society is in turmoil, and the country has become a state without government. This background setting is somewhat similar to Hollywood’s sci-fi action film “Blade Runner” (I also mentioned it in Twitter in class).

屏幕快照 2019-08-16 10.47.25.png

Their stories are all in a chaotic metropolis. And they can all be classified as “future sci-fi films.” It’s just that the director, Raleigh Scott, used…

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  1. By reading your blog, I think it’s a good way to divide the film and autoethnographic of this topic into two parts. By reading your second part, I have a deeper understanding of autoethnographic and understand the direct difference between it and ethnography. You mentioned that autoethnographic is based on self-awareness and more deeply reflects the current social background and self-exploration. I think if you can relate some of the social backgrounds discussed in this week’s film AKIRA and the social issues you want to express and autoethnographic associations are more attractive.
    I think this web can help you in this article:



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