BCM320 – Wk3 – Akira

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Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 animated film ‘Akira’ was a nostalgic and adventurous trip for me. From enjoying the colours and typical sci-fi themes, Akira really packed a bunch of aspects to enjoy. But this was the first time viewing Akira. For me, it was nostalgic due to watching English dubbed anime content like the Pokemon series, Pokemon movies, and Spirited Away. Akira was most certainly on another level with its violence and adult themes, science fiction technology and deeper development of character and concept of the world. I personally find English dubbed anime more enjoyable so I can understand the film at first, especially with the past content as I mentioned like Spirited Away. Akira, however, was different, the English dub at times didn’t make a lot of sense and confused me with it’s mixed dialogue and out of place soundtrack. It would have been way more effective as a cinematic…

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