Akira & Autoethnographic Understanding


This blog post will look at both my understanding of the autoethnographic methodology and my viewing of the 1998 Japanese anime film ‘Akira’.

Autoethnography is a style of research and writing which involves combining autobiography( retroactive and selective writing on the past) and ethnography (studying a cultures practices via participant observation in order to help both those within and those outside the studied group to better understand culture). Overall, autoethnography requires using personal experience to understand cultural experiences (Ellis et al. 2011).

An autoethnographer takes into account their own personal context in relation to what they are researching as they understand how personal experience influences their writing, for example; existing biases, cultural background, past experiences, emotions and relationship with the community they are studying etc. Unlike other pieces of writing, this methodology allows for subjectivity to be outwardly expressed and accepted   (Ellis et al. 2011).

This methodology encourages ‘heightened…

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