Absence in week one has resulted in blog post being written on week two’s movie ‘Sate of Play ‘and my live tweeting experience as directed by tutor.

Although this was not my first live tweeting experience it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I would not consider myself a multitasker and attempting to pay attention to the screen and movie presented all while tweeting and researching. Following the suggestion to pre write or prepare some information about the movie prior to the tutorial I will be doing this before week three, so I am able to pay closer attention to the ongoing film.

‘State of Play’ created in 2013 was an interesting ethnographic film. As someone who is new to the word of Esports and gaming it was interesting to see the perspective of the gamers and I was shocked to hear they are required to play or ‘train’ for 10-12 hours per day. The players were a part of a team, which was an interesting perspective to many regular games that are played solo. The team won and lost together, they had a captain and attended tournaments much like a regular professional sporting team. The South Korean culture seemed so far from what I know in western society and only when the team attended an esports even in Los Angeles did I realise the enormity of the sport. The South Korean family views on gaming was something else that shocked me, following one of my tweets referring to a comment one of the gamers fathers made (“your brain is not very good”) a fellow BCM320 student who is Korean replied stating that this is common, the shaming of one another and from a senior and went on to say that she was not fond of the practice, which is interesting. I also found the documentary similar to those of many western celebrity documentaries, I even came across a tweet which compared it to that of ‘One Direction’.
The entire class live tweeting morale was different to past live tweeting experiences, everyone seemed to be engaging with one another and not just ‘tweeting to themselves’. Through this digital medium, I believe the class engaged more than they would have in a general class setting. Many tweets were mentioning the players health, that of their eyes, mind and sun exposure problems. This would have to be addressed as mentioned above the players are spending an excessive amount of time indoors and are bound to impact their health in the long run, this however was not shown in the documentary besides one player attending the gym. I am looking forward to next week’s live tweeting experience and the film to see how the interaction compares.


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