Interpreting South Korean Film ‘The Host’ (2006) from a Foreign Perspective

Sunny Commandeur

Autoethnography is both a process and a product, an approach to writing that analyses one’s personal experience, in order to understand a cultural experience. It aims to take into consideration a writer’s personal context, making note of the impact this has on the method, interpretation, and presentation of research or writing.

Autoethnography exists in a grey area between autobiography and ethnography, the exact balance varying greatly between writers. Critiques of the format thus range from the pull of art and science at odds with each other, walking the line between being scientifically rigourous, and aesthetically artistic.

Personally, my style of writing to leans away from the scholarly, towards a more autobiographical perspective. Thus, this post is more of a personal response to The Host (2006) than a thorough examination. Context-wise, I’m an Australian, straight white male with European ancestry, with a typically Eurocentric perspective.


The Host (2006)

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